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The South Carolina television market was saturated with screaming automotive ads—the kind that make people fear car salesmen. 


Bob Richards was looking for something different. Something that would gain customer attention and trust. 


ROT$’s approach was to go 180 degrees away from the existing dealership advertising and create a campaign using real Bob Richards customers to talk about their positive experience when buying a car. 


The cast was composed of charming, ordinary locals and the pace of the edits was unusually slow, which created a captivating tone for the campaign. The result was a series of stories about how buying a car can be a good experience. 

The sales results were remarkable. Bob Richards saw a 30% increase in organic search traffic. Here’s what Jack Brennan, the COO had to say:


“The one thing we know about our current campaign is everyone is talking about it. I sat and listened to 6 guys working on a walkway at my home. They spent 15 to 20 minutes discussing the ads. I was amazed how many of the commercials they knew—they all had a favorite, they all had one they hated, and they all questioned what was their purpose. Our employees report the same thing. Their customers hate them, love them, think they are crazy, yet they all know about them.”


The up and coming Parisian fashion brand KOCHÉ wanted to drive awareness for their spring/summer line of clothing.


So, like many in their world, they put on a show. However, the problem with fashion shows is that they are exclusive and few get to attend. 

ROT$ produced a film of KOCHÉ’s “defile de monde” in Paris, creating the opportunity for a broader audience to virtually attend the show. The content reached multiple cross audiences and drew 250K in viewers, 5x more than the brand’s follower count.


OHT NYC is a S&M streetwear brand that wanted to launch on a limited budget.


ROT$ introduced the brand by creating a live event featuring NYC influencers in a reimagined cam-girl experience where the focus was on the clothes.


True to cam-girl style, the event required only camera phones and laptops for the influencers to communicate with customers.

The event was recreated using live installations at Miami Art Basel and  The Museum of Sex in New York. 


The event created +1M earned impressions, including publication in NYLON Korea. The installation events had lines wrapped around the block in NYC and Miami, and all efforts lead to a sold out first collection.


Reconstruction is a startup focused on supplemental Black Education. The company wanted to stage an event to launch the brand and drive subscriptions. The problem was the launch coincided with the rise of COVID-19.


So ROT$ partnered with pop culture icon DJ Jazzy Jeff and created a virtual online party for friends and family to celebrate their “Unapologetic Blackness” and learn about Reconstruction.


The result was over 300 email inquiries and a banger of a party.


BigKlit had a small following. She was not signed to a label and had limited social media presence. 


Under ROT$ management, the artist gained musical relevance and significant social media clout.


  • Artist signed to SONY Music

  • +66 MM streams

  • #1 viral on Spotify 2x in the US.

  • #1 viral in 11 countries. 

  • Grew social media to +1MM followers among all platforms.

  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
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