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We are now in a world where it is obvious evolution is needed and it must happen with unconditioned creative minds. These are the only minds that will see the world differently and provide ideas to solve today’s pressing issues. 

We have discovered the value of corporations and how they can positively impact society. We have also seen how they become so powerful that they begin to influence society. The current corporate structure is conditioned against alternative thinking minds. For example, the current system still at large believes college education is needed to even land an interview. 


This leads alternative thinkers down a path to be outcasts and left to fend for themselves; often without positive support systems, guidance, structure and community around them. They get pushed out of society, turn to the streets and we lose our highest intelligences on Earth. We need to evolve the working class system.


ROT$ sees Web3 as a place to help propel a new working society. A society that supports creative thinkers that do not check the boxes of our current system.  Therefore, we have established a working structure to support ROT$ community efforts in the Web3 world.  This structure is subject to evolve as with everything in life.


Our structure is formed with the purpose of organizing and executing our collective creative intelligence. We are calling it the “Maggot Life Cycle.”  This structure was formed from the insights gained throughout our corporate and independent careers managing different businesses and artists portfolios, understanding how teams work together to accomplish shared goals, and implementing working environments to garner the best outcomes. 

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This is the order for how the ROT$ community will operate.  This order will stay consistent throughout the projects/DAOs developed under ROT$. 

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  • Egg: You enter with the purchase of an Egg Token.  This token provides you with access to ROT$ Discord, events, merch, NFTs, all projects.  No voting rights. Eggs can submit portfolios and apply to become maggots, or can work their way into Maggot hood


  • Maggot: Once you put in work you become a Maggot.  This is a working pool of creative minds that will be pulled from to fulfill projects. 


  • Pupa: Once you are successful at completing tasks and can be trusted with more responsibility you can elevate to Pupa by Vote and Investment. Or if you come in with the proven skills that are needed to be an Entrepreneur or Visionary


  • Fly: Depending on expertise, votes and investment you can become a Fly

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